Friday 29 April 2022

 Day 28: ending two weeks of the antihistamine diet

It's been about two weeks since I started the anti histamine diet and I am so ready to come off of it. As I predicted, it didn't make much of an impact because I was ALREADY eating really low in triggers. I knew going into this that alcohol and sugar are the WORST for my skin. Stress and dry air (winter in particular) also don't help. Here is my skin at the two week mark: this is my usual "resting" state. 

I remained at 142 pounds, and I felt more bloated overall thanks to the evening primrose/OMEGA pills I had to start taking. I played with when I took them and I think they are best taken with dinner, as taken with lunch I rarely felt hungry for dinner 4-5 hours later. 

Cutting out gluten was the WORST. I have a few friends that are gluten free and I have to say I'm so sorry, the impact gluten has on my routine for quick satisfying foods is really incompatible. Granted, a lot of people pity me my lack of dairy but that I never seem to miss. 

I think I will carry forward less soy milk products; not a huge difference in my blemishes and redness, but enough to continue to minimize it and not drink it in my coffee/tea/cereal/as a milk substitute. I like having both almond and oatmilk options in my fridge as it depends on what I want to do with it IE cook with oatmilk, drink almond milk.

I did have a two drink night with dinner after a stressful day of finding out my grandparents are not doing well and I have to make an emergency trip out east - and that night I had a hard time staying asleep with a 4 am panic attack. For me it seems one drink is fine, as long as it's not red wine. But if I have red wine or more than one = 4 AM wide awake sore stomach and panic. *sigh the joys of sipping red wine with my fiancé are pretty much gone :(

And on that note - I am flying off to the Maritimes to be with my Grandparents for a time and I won't be able to keep this up so the ending will be abrupt and I'm sure to get a scolding from the doctors when I return for my visit in two weeks time. Oh well. Life, rather, death, happens. 


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