Friday, 11 August 2017

I'm a bit hooked on Saje what with their amazing smelly stuff - but being so prone to flare ups and finding the more natural I go the more my skin seems to be happy with me... I started trying things other than their lavender pillow mist (which I HIGHLY recommend...) but their skin stuff.

Restoral Healing Skin Ointment's first ingredient is PINE TAR! See a theme here? My Pine Bark Extract pills are something I can't live without - and here I find this pine tar ointment?! I have to try it.

It is like a potted lip balm in texture, it's brown and it leaves a bit of an orangey brown colour on my skin when applied. BUT it is soothing and it doesn't make my DWD itch or flare. I have been using it for about a week now and my neck bumps (for lack of technical term for the bumps that are ALWAYS around) are not chapped or red, they are pink and soft. This bodes well...

I will keep trying it out and add it to the routine - though I am still applying Vit A cream at night this is something I have started to put on when I get home from work or in the morning under my make up. (Yes I sometimes use Cover FX on my neck to cover up the redness...)

I will report back after some time but I do think it might be worth a try for those who want an alternative to anti-itch creams and ointments. I used this on mosquito bites too and it helped as well!


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  2. Thanks for reading Ferely! And I'm glad this has been helpful to you - please share anything you find along your journey that may help us with managing Darier's White Disorder!

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