Thursday, 21 April 2022

 Day 18: on the anti-histamine diet

I hate it. Not being able to have peanut butter and kombucha, who knew that I was so attached to certain foods. So far I am eating like a horse, as my best friend Val pointed out: oatmeal, oat milk, apples, apple butter, fresh salads... Ya. I don't like this horse diet. So I decided to check pinterest for anti-histamine recipes...

I tried this one and even my fiancĂ© ate it with me, and we laughed that it was very thanksgiving in flavour: (I added rosemary and mushrooms though...)

After taking the omega and primrose with lunch, I feel bloated around 3 pm and not so hungry for dinner.

I found sweet treats to eat on this diet! ShaSha Spelt Ginger Snaps 
(all the other flavours don't pass the test)

And a check in: light pink dots, not itchy, this is the best I can hope for on the regular. But I'm daring to dream CLEAR skin so here's hoping this diet and these new supplements can do that (and be ready in time for my wedding and the low back dress I have for October 2022!


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