Monday 4 April 2022

 So here we are again....

I just got off the phone with the same Natural Path doctor that I used in 2009 when my Darier's was getting be to unmanageable. 

I'm starting the whole process over again because I am finding due to the world on fire/apocalypse/war/pandemic plus me hitting 40 in a few months - my body is just not staying ahead of my flare-ups and over all skin health. I have DWD on my thighs (it hasn't done that in a few decades!) and on my back (upper and lower mostly), and where it usually manifests: on my neck and collar bones. 

So here we go again!

Right away they are starting me on a diet diary to see if there are triggers and thinking about putting me on fish oil (like last time... why did I stop taking fish oil?)and I will report back on what it's like to be a woman approaching 40 with Darier's White Disorder. 


  1. Are you on acitretin or Accutane? Im also in my 40s and wanting to find a natural way to control this disease but everytime I stop taking acitretin I flare back up worse than ever in a month.

    1. Hello Frankie!
      No I have never been on any over the counter medication, I wanted to avoid steroids and harsh therapy for as long as I could. So far, since 2009, I have been treating my skin disorder "naturally" through supplements, diet, mental health care (therapy, meditation, exercise), and sensitive skin products. It's just now that I am finding it getting over what I can handle.

      If you go back to the first post you can see what I did through the years, but this is the start of that process somewhat all over again! Best wishes to you.