Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Day 3: April 6 2022

So I'm back to the naturopathic doctor that I started with in 2009! He is still practising! And my new intern, as it's a Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) Robert Schad is nice too.

The onboarding is a deep dive into who I am and what I do and what I eat is time consuming but helpful. My homework over the next two weeks until next check up are a weekly diet diary, an in depth lifestyle profile of environment, exercise, job... so they get a better picture of what stressors and triggers and level of activity I am at. 

Diet Diary

My "reunion" with Dr Hall made me laugh because he suggested the same thing he did to me in 2009: fish oil! Why did I ever stop taking fish oil...? 

An overview of what I am taking currently:

Pine Bark Extract pills 50mg/day
High Potency B Complex pill 100mg/day
D3 1000 IU/day
Magnesium 500 mg/day (for migraine prevention)

*sometimes Zinc 25 mg
*sometimes Valerian in my tea for sleep aid

And I just ran out of my CBD 15 mg oil that I used to take daily for the past 2 years that was helping me with my anxiety and insomnia. I'm taking some time off to see if is hindering more than helping as I get congested and itchy from it. Marijuana is legal here in Ontario Canada, and since legalisation I have been enjoying CDB as a way to combat my stress and General Anxiety Disorder, which was pushed into full swing since the pandemic, my friend Roberta Died, and well... the general dystopia that the world is in :P 

Immediately I am reminded of how much sugar has crept into my diet: in my peanut butter, in my soy milk, and elsewhere. I am also reminded that even though I am not gluten intolerant I do consume a lot of wheat products that can also irritate skin. 


They are talking about a hypoallergenic diet. UGH. I knew this was coming. I remember the elimination diet back in 2009 when I lost 15 pounds from just not being able to eat anything FUN. 

I am asking my GP Doctor for an allergy test too; the one where you get a million needle pricks to see what you react to. I haven't had that since 2009 too. Could I be allergic to more or less over the past 13 years?

I should do a weigh in... I never weigh myself... but I know I lost weight last time and since the pandemic I have been moving less. 141 pounds. Ok. Did that. Hate that.

So the next two weeks will just be observation (and me judging myself in the process!) and my "team" at the clinic will be researching my skin disorder to follow up with me soon. 


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