Tuesday 28 May 2013

I am sick of buying tiny tubes for a ba-jillion dollars only to have my sensitive skin hate me for doing so in the long run. For a while I was making do with Neutragena Face Scrub for sensitive skin - but it wasn't exactly helping, but it wasn't exactly making me break out so I was okay with using it. Once it ran out last week I made a vow to start trying some of the DIY face scrubs I keep seeing on Pinterest (follow me if you like!)

So I tried the olive oil + sugar (at the bottom of that info-graphic) scrub and it left me very sad... The olive oil is so thick and unforgiving that it was clogging my pores instantly. It's supposed to be nurturing and make you silky smooth! Not for me! I broke out on my nose and cheek bones after that for days! NEVER AGAIN!

Next I wanted to try something without oil in it. I came upon this website: http://voices.yahoo.com/homemade-coffee-face-mask-scrub-8051090.html 

It had just coffee grinds and honey as the ingredients. Well well well - I just happen to have that in my pantry every day! Like it says on the website: if you drink coffee in the morning, you then have the perfect grinds to use for a scrub! I cheated as I only had a bit of grinds in my french press (and the espresso grind was a good bet so its not too big and coarse for your skin) and so I may have cheated a bit on the ratio but the results were still fab...

The scrub on ma face
After the scrub: a lil pink is okay!
The coffee grounds and honey
A lil wet but it made no difference and the Vitamin A post-scrub cream (top)

I used 1 tbsp of unpasteurized honey  + left overs from one cup of coffee espresso grind  ----->
(**note - they were German Chocolate Cake Dark Roast and left my skin smelling like CAKE! LOVE!)

I rubbed for a minute or two then left it on for another 5 minutes (the website says leave it up to 15 minutes but I'm always wary of length due to sensitivity...)

Then splash it away, dab the water, and MAN did it feel GLORIOUS! 
Then I added my Vitamin A cream all over my face and neck after.

My face feels so GOOD. It doesn't feel ouchy or burnt or gross (like with the olive oil) 
Now to see if I break out over the next few days...

Anything working for you?

I want to try oatmeal and coconut oil in some sort of scrub - I hear both are very good for our sensitive skin!

**note post-posting this: talking to a friend and she swears by coffee scrubs. She says she can keep her scrub a week (no refrigeration required) if it's kept in an airtight container (ziplock or jar) for about a week. But I like the idea of making it on demand. A lil FYI for your DIY ;)

2018 UPDATE: I have been using JUST used coffee grinds, no honey or oil, just the grinds every time I have a shower (ies easier to get it off my face and not all over the bathroom that way) I found the added oil or honey was just too much for my skin. I keep my used coffee grinds in a tiny mason jar sealed tight on my shower caddy between uses. Works like a charm! And yes, German Chocolate Cake is still my favourite :)


  1. Hi Adrianna,

    I've found this site about a years ago. It was interesting to me because I also have some kind of skin disorder. It usually appears when I was under stress for a long time.

    I've found something that may help with your skin problem. It's not a solution to the problem but a possible cause. And perhaps knowing the cause could help you to avoid the problem.

    Let me explain:
    I've always tried to be "green" with energy. That's why I used to buy CFL bulbs (the energy saver type). My old place was full of those bulbs and I remember I usually had this skin problem in my face, my chest and my back for three or four days in a row, at least twice a month.

    I moved. And in this new place there is almost none of those CFL bulbs. I thought it was because I have less stress than before, but tonight I linked a video I just saw in YouTube with my skin problem. It was shocking to find out the CFL bulbs might be the cause of my problem.

    I'm not trying to sale anything. Just trying to help.

    If you google "Dirty Electricity Part 1 Rays of Rash" you may find a GlobalTV program in YouTube about this. I found it searching for info about CFL and where to buy them for a bargain in GTA.

    Now, after watching this documentary, I'll think it better before buying them.

    Please, if this helps you in any way (or not) just let me know so we can compare our own researches. You can contact me by email: ndiaz.v2 at google.com


  2. I tried this with the coconut oil and again it was too greasy for me. I liked the dry feeling the coffee gives me. I do find I have to use an astringent after the scrub as the tint of the coffee stays on my skin!

  3. Years of using used coffee grounds and I have to say that's the best thing: just the used grounds. Post scrub I use a light astringent (Garnier) and then moisturize (Life Brand Vit A Cream) it has to be the best thing for my skin since 100 SPF I swear.

  4. So have you been diagnosed with darier's?

  5. Yes as we know todays most sensitive human body issues are skin diseases because our life runing around unhealthy food and artifical junk food with no vitamins etc. i think skin disorder patient should try Cure Herbals product because this company using pure natural ingrdients with no side effects.