Friday 27 May 2022

 Update: May 27 2022

Life being on fire is part of life, right? We can't control the fact that we are living through an apocalypse, nor can I control the weather, or how other people will react to my actions. all of these things play a part in our mental AND physical health. I think that's something that many people don't realize: you can't just take a pill and think it will cure everything. 

I have found that having Darier's or Keratosis Follicularis is something that you have to look at the WHOLE picture that is your life. What are you eating? What are your stressors? What are the products that you use on your skin and hair... 

The anti histamine diet reminded me that food is a huge contributor, at least for me, when it comes to flare ups and overall skin health. My skin is looking pretty great post diet, but also I reintroduced many triggers from that list (namely gluten, peanuts, and shellfish) with little reaction (thank goddess) but I did stay off of soy milk as my go-to grab, I am now on oat milk and almond milk for coffee and tea and when cooking. 

My face with no makeup, just moisturizer (and not enough sleep!) is very clear, I think the OMEGA and Primrose have been helping my mask wearing irritations as well. Less red overall. 

Notice the Keratosis is minimal and is light pink, not really raised or bumpy, not irritated,

I really like the body wash they suggested: CeraVe has a whole line of products I just might need to get into after using this:

I was also given this advice on follow up: 

For skin:

Ground flaxseed: please consume 2 tbsp freshly ground flaxseeds each day. Add to meals or mix and drink in water. You may divide the dose to 1 tbsp twice per day if needed. Ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day as increased fibre consumption from flax may cause constipation.

If purchasing flaxseeds whole; grind 1/2 to 1 cup in coffee grinder or blender. Freeze remaining amount to be used throughout the week. If purchasing flaxseed powder, ensure it is freeze-dried and stored in fridge/freezer. Flaxseeds are susceptible to oxidation from light and heat.

We recommend that you discontinue taking ground flaxseed should you experience any adverse effects.

Can be found at grocery stores such as Walmart, healthy planet, & or whole foods.

Sunscreen: unfortunately the Supergoop sunscreen we discussed is not sold in Canada. Please see this other great alternative:

La Roche Posay SPF 50 - found at Shoppers:

I have yet to introduce these but am happy with the recommendations my naturopathic doctor has given so far. now I just need to find the flaxseed and spray. 

What's working for you?


  1. Hi Adrianna! I can't believe I just found your blog. I just turned 40, am Caucasian, fair-skinned, and have been dealing with Darier's since my 20's. It's been a long road of trying different medicines and natural treatments. I've been seeing a naturopath since March for other issues but have found the elimination diet they put me on drastically cleared up my skin. I noticed when I added gluten, dairy, and sugar back in, it flares up. Also doesn't help that I live in Arizona where there is NO moisture, which wreaks havoc on my skin. Happy to talk more about the things we've found that help.