Wednesday 4 March 2015

So my January and February were both nuts. Seriously. I don't think I managed any downtime until this past weekend, the last weekend of February. I had a major major audition that made me live on edge for a week and then a final term paper due the day after. It was a stressful time.

So I needed to unwind! I went to a friend's cottage and kicked back a few beers and eat vacation food (read: sugar and fats) for 48 hours. Guess what happened?


Yup. Sad Panda. 

A flare up so bad that it hurt to wear clothes. The camera doesn't capture just how raw it is (because it's still flaring!) and how much it has grown. It has turned up along my neck again and all down my back. Does your DD move around your body too? Mine used to be thighs and neck. Now it's mainly neck and back? 

I am trying to eat clean: lots of veggies, oatmeal for breakfast, no processed/added sugar, a hault on all things alcohol. It feels like I'm back in detox. I haven't started the food journal but if it doesn't get better in a week's time I think I will have to start one up again - and that means really detoxing. I cycled in Vit E cream but I find it greasy and not as good as Vit A cream but I am hitting Desperate Levels at this point!

I need to remind myself that there is no overnight treatment, that it is every action I take - I need to meditate, eat clean, and drink lots of water. I need to make sure I don't skip vitamins and pine bark. This seems so simple but then a friend's birthday is here and the party is at a bar - pop and booze = ugh. You know this story. It's hard to always stay true to your DD. 

5 Things I Will Do For My Skin

1. Drink Water like I'm a camel
2. Keep up on my pill therapy: pine bark, Vit B, D, Multi, Probiotics, *Zinc and *Omegas (which I am bad at remembering)
3. Lots of clean eating, meaning easily digested and without a lot of sugar and fat (like brown rice, green leafy veggies, oatmeal)
4. Go back to taking my tea and coffee back (sad sigh)
5. Yoga and quiet times. Gotta get that stress down!

What do you do when you flare up?


  1. I rest rest rest!! I notice mine comes up when I am extremely stressed out. I have trouble sleeping at night anyway so for awhile I took sleep aids RX prescription...just recently I decided to try over the counter all's kinda working. I have not thought about vitamins, but I know my VitD is low and too much sun exposure flairs me up too. Do you flaire up around your monthly cycle? I do. Seems like stress is a key factor for both of us.

    1. Totally stress. And yes "lady time" throws everything out of whack so I flare up then too. I find alcohol also stresses my system out = a flare up (like after NYE).

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