Thursday 22 January 2015

We all get the little red calloused dots. We all get what looks like a rash too. But sometime ago I noted that I got a flat burn like irritation: That was Oct 2014. Here it is now:

Believe it or not THAT is "better" - it's not as raised and red, but it's still there. It's just above my waist where no clothes chaff it (if it were the 80's with highrises I would be in trouble) and it doesn't hurt at all... I just find it weird. It's the only one like it and it has been there for 4 months... Do you get these? 

I think it's THIS exact inflammation that reminds me I'm not reacting to something, I'm not "doing something wrong" like forgetting my pills or eating too much sugar (which can make this disorder worse) - nope. It's just there. And that's the way it's gonna be. Which is not fun but denying it will get me no where. 

If you have any insight into these flat rather large (it's the size of a nickel) patches let me know! I have tried all the things listed in this blog and it is still there. 


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  3. I get them all the time in crazy places some look like tiny boils like an ant bite. I seem to get these alot on my belly lately and then on my back. Arms are a new area. it's annoying!!