Friday 24 December 2010

I am having a flare up - on my neck - where it always flares up...

I am succeeding in bringing it down with the following:

1. rubbing gently Polysporin or an anti fungal/anti bacteria cream

2. eating sensible things - this is harder because I LOVE HOLIDAY GOODIES! But moderation is the key...

3. up my does of Pine Bark to two pills in the morning

4. daily instead of every other day/casual use of zinc at lunch and Vitamin A at night

5. Trying to meditate or yoga or something to de-stress! This is hard to fit in but even laughing at a funny movie or going out to skate or do something enjoyable will work.

6. Sleep. I know I haven't been getting enough... I haven't been sleeping well for a while as I have had a tragic incident in my family (my brother died) so this is also that is stressing me out!

But for the holiday season remember another thing: turtle necks are amazing for cover up and you can always deal with it later if you want to have a cheat day and eat all those sugary cookies or drink eggnog!
But I find it easier if you keep moderation so the clean up won't be so bad...

Happy Holidays and best wishes



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