Thursday, 14 October 2010


Stress is starting to kill me here. My 3+ year boyfriend and I almost broke up. My legs and my stomach has broken out - this was taken days ago, it has gotten worse....
 big red and blotchy. I am thankful it is not my neck (tho it is itchy or sensitive which is not a good sign) and my fingers are all scabbed from my picking them from the worry and stress.

I am also in a huge transitional phase of my life. This breakout is a by product of all the change and worry and stress. I am trying to manage it with good food (trying, almost in vain) to cut out sugar. And staying away from alcohol completely. Lots of water. I also have a new yoga pass and I am going to do some reiki next Monday. I feel so out of sorts/ Are you going through the same thing? I hear it is to be blamed on the stars and planets (Jupiter and Uranus are apparently making the world have huge change and forcing it against most people's will...) If you believe that.

Regardless I am trying to practise what I preach and make sure I don't let this break out get to me.
More probiotics and more pine bark.

Though I am trying the dairy free BioK yogurts - the soy one that is mango flavour was good! I will try the vanilla rice one soon and tell you my verdict...


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