Monday 4 October 2010

I have had some lovely people contact me over the internet regarding DD and I asked Nicole to share our emails so that what we were talking about may come out and perhaps help others with their understanding of DD.

Here are our emails unedited:

Hello again Adrianna
quick question - I noticed that you alternate supplements

the latest I read was
b6 b12 - 100 mg. daily
vita D - 1000 IU daily
pine bark extract - 30 mg. daily

every other day
zinc 15 mg. 
omega ( I am using borage oil and salmon oil) - do you have other favorites
calcium (how much)
vitamin C ( how much)
probiotics - ( I am going to try "Bio - K") do you have other favorites.  as I too can't have yogurt- dairy

Why alternating some supplements?  and other's daily? 

Thanks so much, I hope I'm not being to pesky with my emails.  

PS- how is the acting going?  I would never have the guts.  

Keep smiling, 

 Aug 24
Hello :)

I find that some of these are too harsh for my system to take every day. Through trial and error I have found out that Vit E makes me break out - so why take it? I find that I eat a lot of fish so I don't need to take Omegas every day. Zinc is very heavy and hard to ingest so I don't have it everyday. Calcium makes me have white spots/calcium deposits in my skin if I take it too often. Vit C makes me nauseated if I take too much and I only take Vit A at night if I have taken Zinc as it helps to ingest it. Probiotics I am taking more frequently because I found a brand (the same as the Pine Bark actually) that doesn't go through my system like a laxative (hey you asked!)

Also there is the money issue - some of these things are expensive and they all add up - I'm a Canadian stage actor that isn't a well known - I don't have a medical plan and most of these wouldn't be supported anyway. So I have to make that call health vs wealth. Its a sad choice but true. This is why I haven't tried the Co q10 Enzymes - thankfully my list seems to work for me right now so its ok. If I find that my body changes over the years and finds this regime ineffective then I will try a new combo :)

Yoga, pilates, reiki, exercise and meditation also helps - its about relaxing your system as the Dariers is a reaction to stress on your body whether it be a tangible thing like food and medication or work load or any other stress - At least this is what I have found. My main food trigger is sugar - it stresses my system so I can't have too much of it in one sitting.

I hope this helps - I'm going to post this on my blog since it was a great question!


Nicole to Adrianna Oct 3 2010

yes, of course.  :) The supplements do seem to be helping - I still have a bit of rash, but it is much less itchy.  I've also incorporated Spirulina ("NOW" brand is great)  into my supplements regimen.  I did sneak some sugar - okay a lot of sugar and I paid for it later.  I'm also trying gluten free.  I tried gluten free (no wheat, rye, etc) for about six weeks and figured it wasn't making any difference and so I had my favorite wheat cereal and the itching was much worse for about 3 days after. You mentioned some foods on your blog and I find that foods do really make such a big difference. Thanks for your blog.  Seeing you be so proactive about this disease has really made me even more invested and hopeful in my research.
ttfn :)


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