Wednesday 15 January 2020

SO I recently went on a trip to South Korea and I experienced their OBSESSION with skin care. For those that live in Ontario you will understand when I say: take all the Starbucks and Tim Hortons and change those into makeup and beauty stores = that's Seoul, South Korea. They were EVERYWHERE. My travel partner and I pretty much went into every one of them (she was fascinated with their products and became a little obsessive herself!)

Now people around me know I have a skin disorder so she knew I wouldn't have as much fun playing potions class in every Etude House we came across. But I was willing to try things that were for sensitive skin... and a face mask or two because they just looked lovely! I tried a tea tree oil mask and I have to say it was GREAT! Take a look:

It was super hydrating and cooling and I never had a breakout or irritated skin after. I liked them so much I got a second pack of them to take home. Roberta, my travel buddy and makeup Yoda, recommends doing them every week (or every other week if that sounds too much to someone like me!)

I have also been trying their SoonJung line and so far after a week no bad reactions and no irritation.

I also picked up one of these (well not this exact one, I bought mine for about $3 in a Daiso in Seoul...) 
And it's a great way to not use pad products/something reusable and better for the environment PLUS it just uses warm water to take off your makeup. For me, less is better with my skin, so to just use water or a tiny bit of light soap like Neutrogena Naturals is great. I highly recommend adding this to your arsenal!

I will repost on more of the products I'm using from Korea, but so far I like how light and non-irritating they are. The makeup all include SPF too which is a necessity with me being a ginger (and the DWD). The ones I am looking forward to are: Baking Powder cleanser, more sheet masks, and this Face Blur.

Having DWD means I deal with a lot more redness and spot treatment than most, and sometimes all the products can be overwhelming so I often just... don't do anything. But it's fun to play with makeup again and build confidence around looking "pretty". It's not an everyday thing for me but having healthy skin should be - I am looking forward to learning how to clean and hydrate my skin in a helpful way as I age with DWD.

UPDATE JAN 23 2020 - I have been back for almost two weeks and I LOVE that face pad, it has become a daily ritual and so great. The SoonJung line has been nice but not exactly an improvement, but still nicely hydrating and not irritating me. The Baking Powder foam cleanser stung the first time I tried it so I steered clear of it since. The sheet masks are still my #1 favourite from this trip!


  1. I just watched one of your YouTube videos and that's why I'm here. You are the first person I know who has DWD,just like me. I'm glad I found you.
    Kisses from Argentina

    1. Hello Tina! I hope you find what I have here helpful! I also recommend the Facebook group if you are on that platform too to ask questions and share resources:
      Best wishes!