Tuesday, 14 August 2018

I have lived through three natural disasters while on vacation.

1. Hurricane Irma
2. out ran a tornado in Florida
3. I just visited Japan during a heat wave so intense they proclaimed it a natural disaster...

I was really scared for my skin. So I took everything I needed  plus sunscreen (which I use Neutrogena SPF 30 moisturizer and LIFE Brand Sunthera SPF 60 Spray). I even learned from the locals and bought a sun umbrella/parasol, an imabari (or Japanese face towel made for you to wipe the sweat from your face, which was always dripping), and a fan.

at Itsukushima, also known as Miyajima, a small island in Hiroshima Bay
It was in the 40 degree celsius range that day

Throughout the trip I tried to stay hydrated but water sometimes just didn't cut it, so again, learning from the locals, I bought Pocari Sweat to replenish electrolytes. Most of the time I felt like I was on a boat, the horizon always tilting from my heat exhaustion. Many Japanese people would stare at me and I can only wonder if it was just my red hair they were looking at or if their inner monologue was "why would you come here in the summer?!"

I pushed through. It was an amazing trip with highs and lows, but never the lows being in temperature!

But I didn't have a flare up... Sure I had a few red bumps where ever there was friction like on the backs of my knees, under my bra line, and yes even in my groin creases. but never on my neck and back were I usually get my flare ups.

I stuck to my supplements, stayed away from dairy, was on top of hydrating, and used my vitamin A cream each night (stashed in the refrigerator to make it extra calming from the cold!) and used Germolene for spot treatment on the places that had bumps from sweat and friction. Plus having cool showers with no soap, just rinsing at the end of the day was a great way to feel a bit cooler before bed and cleanse my body too.

Case in point:

that sheen is from sweat and sunscreen

Note no flare up in 40 degree heat at Fushimi Inari Taisha

No burn and no flare in Harajuku!

I was going to fight my partner in going to Japan in the summer due to my disorder, but I said no, my disorder doesn't define me - and I'm so glad I did! Granted it was still a crazy idea to go in the heat, but who could have known it would be record breaking and as terrible as it was. 

Still, I'm glad I didn't let my skin dictate what adventures I can go on, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my fears about the heat and my Darier's was unfounded.

How do you deal with the heat and your Darier's?


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