Tuesday 3 April 2018

So the past few months have been trying to say the least, and everything translates to my skin - you know that saying wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well I wear my "heart" aka stress on my neck, as that's where my Darier's manifests the most.

So I tried:

Bio Oil = fail.

Recovery Balm from Saje = fail.

So next I went back to what I know: lower sugar, no dairy, less stress (isn't that always the goal??) and of course the tried and tested supplements. I went back to taking Vitamin A gels at night, Zinc 15 ml at lunch, and ok, I admit, something new....

I vlogged about it! Check it out:

I ordered Germolene on Amazon: 

The Darier's White Disorder Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/21860644983/ 


  1. Thanks so much for your details on your treatment. I am very interested in adding Pine Bark to my treatment. May I ask how much you take per day, I have read quite a few websites on it and it is all over the place on recommended dosage. Thanks.

    1. Hello Laural! I use the Pine Bark listed here: https://fightagainstdariersdisease.blogspot.ca/2018/02/what-works-vs-what-doesnt.html and its 50 mg a day (one pill) and on bad flares (or around my "lady time" I may take two - one in the morning AND one in the evening) I remember first getting started on it and the naturopath recommended a "therapy dose" for the first month where I took two pills every day then went down to one pill a day. Talk to your health professional :)

    2. Thank you for the details. I am seeing my doctor next week and this is on the list.

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