Tuesday 14 October 2014

A new kind of flare up has been happening the past month:

The little red dot I'm used to. But the blotchy pancake thing - what the WHAT?!

I have taken this to mean that I am not eating right (I have been stress eating and just this past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada so there was much imbibing and silly foods that made it into my stomach... I regret most all dairy items...!)

Plus I have been majorly stressed out with going back to school, online classes, work, filming, auditioning, getting a puppy and - hey, that's life! So how am I supposed to live my life and not be stressed?

I think I have to start a plan on curbing my stress, because even though I adore to be busy I shouldn't be stressing out my system. I bought some stand alone Zinc to take 

Advice? Have you seen these types of flare ups before?


  1. I was diagnosed with DD at the age of 12 with a biopsy. Until then I was told I was allergic to just about everything. I think the scratch test just irritated my condition. I still do avoid certain foods and alcohol that I think exacerbate the situation. I am 55 now and menapause has definitely made an improvement in the flair ups. I wish I had joined a blog community sooner. This is most helpful. Aveeno products and all things fragrance free help. Just knowing I'm not alone is so helpful. I too have dealt with many dermatologist and have been treated like a learning tool and nothing concrete has never come of all there prodding and parading me around. What diet works best for you? What creams work the best. Accutane helped me but I couldn't stay on it. I wanted to have kids, and I do have a healthy 16 year old with no signs of DD.

    1. Hey Rebecca, keep digging in these older posts because I get really specific about what I'm taking and how my diet (should) look when avoiding flare ups.

      Best rule of thumb? Anything that stresses your system out stresses your skin out like alcohol, too much sun, too much sugar, and of course dehydration.

      I swear by Vit B, Maritime Pine Bark Extract pills, Vitamin A cream and coffee grinds as exfoliant.

      Happy digging! And yes you are not alone :) Glad to have you commenting and participating - we all learn from each other! I found I hated how I was treated by my dermo too - like a pink, well spotted, elephant. But when we have to go for check ups its nice to share the knowledge around so we can all try different methods of care right?
      Take care and let me know if you want to guest blog about how you are managing DD.