Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I recently got an email from a reader asking how things are going -

The short answer is good!

The long answer is...

My boyfriend started using my face/body cleanse schtuff and I started to get mad. But, in due turn, he "bought the next round" but couldn't find the Vitamin A cream I had bought from the local health food store (from my last post What he brought home was this:

Life Brand Vitamin A and Life Brand Vitamin E

The Vitamin E stuff is THICK and doesn't really do it for me. - But the Vitamin A cream? I could MARRY IT. No scent. No thickness. Easily my favourite new thing to add to my MUST have list for my skin disorder. After a few days my face cleared of redness. After a week - I didn't wear foundation. Me. NOT WEARING FOUNDATION. Guys. Girls. World. Hear me: this is my new favourite thing! If you don't see it at your local store - inquire. Or buy online?

I mean LOOK: - this is me with just eye make up and some sunscreen (because that's how I have to roll)

So my neck and face are truly thankful. I hope you have been testing and trying new things too - if so - share please! 

All the best to you and yours,