Saturday 27 October 2012

So! I haven't posted in awhile! It's because life happens (and you should let it happen) and also I felt like I had nothing to report. Wrong. I turned 30. Yes. Whooped-dee-do. But, I read that DWD gets worse with age. Cue the sad song and roll credits...

I recently received an email from a fellow DWD sufferer and I thought I would post the email I sent to them:


Ya, it's been a while since I updated that site - I should. Thanks for reminding me.

As for my condition: the short answer is yes/no. Though I am finding I'm not 100% clear as my thighs have a couple bumps, my neck too - but both these places are "ground zero" where the DD started to show up years ago. It's not rash like its just - well - there - and I notice it most everybody else doesn't. It gets a little inflamed when its Lady Time but overall it's not at all like the horrid photos on the Internet when searching DD. It never truly goes away, but it never went back to the rash like thing you see in my photos. My clothes never chafe, and they are tiny pink bumps usually too small for anyone to notice but me.

I think I posted about my initial trial with Pine Bark - I would take 2 a day for a few weeks and it helped clear most of the redness by the 2nd week if I recall? Now I take 1x a day. I notice when I skip/forget my pills! But I have been tempting fate and skipping a strict regime... I don't do the zinc as often and I don't take the omegas as often. I find for myself it is key to take B, D, a good multivitamin, Pine bark and the least amount of sugar as possible (which varies according to my will and determination on that day:P) oh and I'm lactose intolerant, and I know dairy effects skin in an ugly way too... If I get antsy, or on Lady Time, I use a vitamin E cream - or an antibacterial like Polysporin if its really bad (aka I have a flare and they break open and I want to make sure it's not going to get worse.)

Getting older will not help, I read. So I'm taking it in stride and looking to lessen my stress with yoga, meditation, and lots of forgiveness for myself. We will never be movie star perfect. So what? (Neither are they - hello make up and photoshop!) But I can say that now and then cry because I have red bumps on my back for a strapless dress I really wanted to wear to my best friends wedding... It's all a matter of perspective and how you can deal with it on the day. Forgive yourself, it's hard to do but it is necessary.

I would talk to your dermo about inside/out therapy as this is not a topical disease. Creams are fine, but it's in our genes. We have to ingest food & vitamins that will relax our skin and strengthen it. If they tell you some tid bits that are helpful or o find something works for you please let me know! This is all trial and error for me too!

I wish you quick healing and happiness.
I'll be sure to post soon - in fact I may post this email I sent you! Along with pics of my effected areas to show what I like with everyday.

Thanks for reaching out! 


So that's where I am right now. 
pics up soon of my trouble spots: my neck and thighs. As you can see there isn't much to see! I know it's there - tiny bumps - but it's not something people notice. Even my boyfriend scoffs at my insecurities around the bumps. If you are keen to cover them up I cannot say enough about Cover FX make up = so good. 

Oh! And Tea Tree Oil as an astringent also is nice I'm finding. FYI

So I hope this helps and that your dermo is nice and willing to talk it out. 

All the best to you and yours,


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