Tuesday 6 February 2018

What Works vs. What Doesn't  (...for me anyways)

So I saw Bio Oil on sale at Shoppers Drugmart and decided this was the say I try it. It was hyped a few years ago as "the thing" for skin ailments such as scars, stretch marks and dark spots and some skin issues.


I have never felt my skin on fire or itchy as much as I have on Bio Oil

I took pictures of how it got worse and worse but instead of posting that, which isn't helpful, I decided to do a round up of what IS WORKING for me..

I also have fallen in love with my oil diffuser and essential oil therapy... I have been chatting with a friend who does oil mixology and the top skin soothers are frankincense and lavender. I have those oils 7 drops each in coconut oil applied by a roller vial like this:

So far it's not making it worse nor making it better but I like the way it makes me smell and feel so I will keep on trying it on my pulse points and behind my ears instead of perfumes.

So there's my overview, combine the above with low sugar intake, no dairy, low red meat, low/no cured meats. I do eat gluten and I do like wine and cider every now and then, but no beer, when considering my diet with all the above.

And I have to mention that I am on a low hormone IUD for the first time in my life and it is making my skin FREAK OUT so that is why I am trying all these things because I'm impatient and want a fix NOW instead of waiting out the hormonal flux that is happening now that I am off birth control and with that the regular hormones that came with it from the pill...

I also joined a group on facebook!  Maybe it's for you too? They talk a lot about the medical side of Darier's which I soon might have to look into as I age and deal with a loss of supplementary hormones.

Tell me what is working for you!