Wednesday 6 January 2016

I got a tattoo!

A teeny tiny tattoo...

That's me & my brother getting a tattoo!

I was worried that my skin disorder would FREAK out so I started small: it's probably about 2 cm x 1 cm in total and I used dark brown ink on my forearm. Now I got it in a place that doesn't have flare ups, but I was told that it could go either way with tattoos. 

My experiment has so far been a success! It's been 2 months since I got it and it is healing perfectly. Do I want a back tattoo over my regular flare ups? Not really. But if you were shying away from your decision to get a tattoo because of your DWD I would say to find a place away from the regular hot spots. I did what they told me: kept it clean and dry except for the recommended moisturizer and out of the sun (which is easy for a Ginger like me!)

So! No reaction out of the norm and now I am planning my next tattoo... 


  1. I have been toying with the idea of tatoo for years but always thought I would have a terrible reaction. Good to hear.

  2. Ya I've had it for almost 2 years now and never a problem! Just the regular care of sunscreen and no scrubbing and such. Best wishes on your tattoo! I think I may want a new one soon....

  3. I have 4 and the one on my back is pretty good size No troubles with any